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Business use cases for the provision of flexibility services by hydropower

Authors: Tommaso Orlandini, Nuno Marinho, Alex Coronati, Nuno Lopes Filipe, Carlos Moreira, Manuel Castro, Bernardo Silva, Diogo Cordeiro, Pedro Diogo Pinto, Pedro Vieira, Claudia Gouveia, Nicolas Hugo, Jean-Louis Drommi, Anna Warren, David Samuel, Richard Taylor

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This paper defines Business Use Cases for the provision of the flexibility services identified in the project. The goal is to characterise the opportunities for each hydropower technology, considered in the XFLEX HYDRO project, to participate in ancillary service markets. To achieve this, the assets providing the service, the roles, and market mechanisms are described in the Business Use Cases.

To guarantee harmonisation and replicability of the Business Use Cases, a standardised methodology, based on IEC-62559 Use Case modelling method, was followed. A common structure of four phases was used to describe the market mechanism process: prequalification, bidding, delivery, settlement (billing). Furthermore, a list of business roles, with clear and specific responsibilities, was created to ensure consistency among the Business Use Cases. The business roles are a core element of a Business Use Case that specify their interactions and exchange of information.

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