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Common methodology to assess cost of hydroelectric flexible technologies

Authors: Quentin Boucher, Luis Guimares, Armando Leitao

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The financial assessment is critical to make sure these technologies are economically viable. This document presents the methodology which will be used for the first step of this assessment: costing of the technologies.The methodology described in this document generally follows the principles of activity-based costing.Technologies are separated into two groups for CAPEX costing:  a top-down approach for variable speed upgrades, and a bottom-up approach for other solutions. OPEX costing: bottom-up approach for all technologies.This document also presents a standardised work breakdown structure of hydropower plants which brings a common language to describe activities in the rest of task.Finally, this document outlines the most impacted parts of the hydropower plant by each of XFLEXHYDRO solutions; both in terms of CAPEX and OPEX.

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