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Digitalization in hydropower generation: development and numerical validation of a model-based Smart Power Plant Supervisor

Authors: E Vagnoni, F Gerini, R Cherkaoui and M Paolone

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The paper presents the development of a model-based Smart Power Plant Supervisor, a digital tool targeting the optimization of the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric units to improve ancillary services provision to the power system. The paper focuses on a control-oriented modelling methodology which allows integrating the operational parameters of the hydroelectric unit in an optimization algorithm steering the advanced control of the units. The technique to develop analytical functions representing the behaviour of the hydropower plant is presented and validated by comparing numerical simulations with measurements of the real time operation of the run-of-river hydropower plant Vogelgrun. The results show a good performance of the modelling technique able to correctly predict the power generation of the power plant over one month of operation.

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