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Enhanced flexibility with a variable speed power plant

This presentation focuses on the implementation of flexibility solutions for two variable speed pump turbine units with Doubly Fed Induction Machines (DFIM) in a pumped storage plant and their potential to enhance grid flexibility. It discusses operating range extension through hydraulic short circuit, improvement of the average annual overall efficiency, increase in performance by the implementation of synthetic inertia and FFR, and operation optimisation for the increase of maintenance intervals and minimised outage times.

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This presentation is part of the XFLEX HYDRO project showcased at the final event - Future of Hydro in Lausanne. The event took place on January 31 and February 1, 2024. Explore the innovative discussions and insights shared during this event by downloading the presentation below.


Pedro Diogo Pinto, Senior Mechanical Engineer, EDP Generation Platform

Matthieu Dreyer, Project Engineer, Power Vision Engineering

Berto Martins, Head of Short-Term Asset Optimisation, Europe, EDP

Prof. Stefan Riedelbauch, Director, Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery, University of Stuttgart

Alexander Jung, Head of Digital Hydro Technology, Voith Hydro