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Flexibility Market

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Market uptake

The deployment of any flexible technology depends, among other things, on assessment of its cost-benefits and socio-environmental impacts. These can be difficult to evaluate for plant operators and technology providers.

Assessing the impacts is important to ensure that new technologies will be adopted by the market. Two Flexibility Benefits Optimisation Tools (FLEXBOT) will be developed and validated on each XFLEX HYDRO demonstrator business case. One supporting long term investment decision-making and the other optimising asset operations.

Costs models will be developed for each flexible technology and the overall benefits assessed comprehensively.

Market scenarios, in day-ahead or over long-term timeframes will be taken into consideration to help the investment and upgrade decisions. This tool will provide a deep understanding to owners of their potential to provide flexibility services to the electric power system.

The broader challenges of flexibility at existing and new hydropower sites will also be considered, including surveys of socio-environmental risks. Policy and market proposals to overcome barriers to deployment and full exploitation of results will be put forward.

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  • Cost models of flexible technologies
  • Market-based tools for investment decision-making and optimised operations of hydropower in modern markets
  • Industrial scalability of cost/benefit performance
  • Socio-environmental impacts
  • Guidelines and recommendations towards industrial deployment
  • Exploitation plan