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Webinar: Flexibility, technologies and scenarios for hydropower webinar

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Below are videos of the three presentations and the live Q&As from the webinar to launch the ‘Flexibility, technologies and scenarios for hydropower’ report on 30 November 2020.


In presentation one, Prof. Francois Avellan, XFLEX HYDRO Project Scientific Advisor, provides an overview of the project and the smart controls (Smart Power Plant Supervisor) technology being developed. (video length is 7 mins 42 secs).

In presentation two, Prof. Carlos Moreira, Senior Researcher at INESC TEC, gives a comprehensive explanation of the report and the Ancillary Services Matrix (video length is 33 mins 29 secs).

In presentation three, Dr. Elena Vagnoni, scientist and lecturer at EPFL and XFLEX HYDRO Scientific Coordinator, provides an update on the progress of the demonstrations and a new KPIs Matrix (video length 13 mins 32 secs).

In the live Q&A session, Mr Richard Taylor, XFLEX HYDRO Strategic Advisor, chairs a discussion with the three presenters: Prof. Francois Avellan, Prof. Carlos Moreira and Dr. Elena Vagnoni (video length 17 mins).