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Flexibility, technologies and scenarios for hydropower

Authors: Carlos Moreira, Manuel Castro, Maria Vasconcelos, Bernardo Silva, Elena Vagnoni, Christophe Nicolet, Quentin Boucher, Hugo Mesnage, David Samuel, Richard Taylor, Nuno Filipe, Nuno Marinho, Alex Coronati, Tommaso Orlandini, Tony Delaplagne

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Envisioning the unique capabilities of hydropower facilities in many aspects of the ancillary services provision, the XFLEX HYDRO project (Hydropower Extending Power System Flexibility) is aiming to demonstrate new technological solutions within the hydropower fleet that will support high levels of VRE penetration in the electricity system. XFLEX HYDRO purpose is to deliver new and effective methods to incorporate state of the art hydroelectric technologies capable of not only providing enhanced flexibility services but also optimize HPP maintenance schedules, increase the availability of HPP and maximize their performance. In this project, these technologies will be evaluated in detail to better understand the technical and economic benefits and/or drawbacks of each solution. Aligned with this, this paper intends to build up a comprehensive framework around flexibility and system support services provision on future power systems with a strong link to HPPs, system services technical aspects and market mechanisms.

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