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Unlocking the potential of hydraulic short circuit

The presentation highlights the significance of the Grand’Maison pumped storage plant as one of the world's major energy batteries. It plays a crucial role in stabilising the European power system. Through the implementation of hydraulic short circuit operation, the power plant has significantly enhanced its capacity to offer grid services and power flexibility while in pumping mode. This transformation has tangible business implications, making a substantial impact on the overall energy landscape.

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This presentation is part of the XFLEX HYDRO project showcased at the final event - Future of Hydro in Lausanne. The event took place on January 31 and February 1, 2024. Explore the innovative discussions and insights shared during this event by downloading the presentation below.


Jean-Louis Drommi, Electrical Expert, EDF

Francesco Gerini, PhD Researcher, EPFL - DESL

Christophe Nicolet, Managing Director, Power Vision Engineering

Jean Decaix, University Professor, HES-SO