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World Hydropower Congress 2021 – Part Two

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Below are videos from part two of the online World Hydropower Congress session ‘Smart hydropower: extending power system flexibility’ held online in September 2021.  Part two includes presentations on the Grand Maison, Frades 2 and Z’Mutt demonstrations. This was followed by a panel discussion focused on pumped storage hydropower.

Members of the panel were: Professor Francois Avellan from EPFL, Dr Elena Vagnoni from EPFL, Dr Alexander Jung from Voith Hydro, Mr Quentin Boucher from SuperGrid Institute, and Mr Guillaume Rudelle from GE Hydro. The panel was moderated by Mr Richard Taylor from RMT Renewables Ltd.

Jean-Louis Drommi presents on the Grand Maison demonstration. Find out more about Grand Maison.

Diogo Cordeiro presents on the Frades 2 demonstration. Find out more about Frades 2.

Nicolas Hugo presents on the Z'Mutt demonstration. Find out more about Z’Mutt.

The panel discusses pumped storage hydropower: