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XFLEX HYDRO demonstrators grid services assessment and ancillary services matrix elaboration

Authors: C Nicolet, M Dreyer, C Laundry, S Alligne, A Beguin, Y Vaillant, S Tobler, G Sari, G Pais, M Bianciotto, S Sawyer, R Taylor, M V Castro, M H Vasconcelos, C Moreira

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The overarching objective of the Horizon 2020 European Project XFLEX HYDRO is to develop and demonstrate new technological solutions capable of being integrated in different types of Hydro Power Plants (HPP) aiming to improve their efficiency and performances regarding the provision of several Electric Power Systems (EPS) services. Such developments are expected to actively contribute to the decarbonization of the European EPS, allowing HPP to have increased capabilities for the provision of advanced grid services in face of an evolving EPS characterized by increased shares of time variable renewable energy sources. This paper presents the methodology and key results which enabled so-called Ancillary Service Matrix (ASM) presenting the ability to deliver the different ancillary services of each of the 6 demonstrators of the project combined with the applicable technologies studied in this analysis.

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