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Creating an Ancillary Services Matrix

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flexibility matrix.png

Understanding the power and energy services needed to balance the grid, both now and in the future, is an important first step.

Already, hydropower provides critical services to stabilise the grid network. This comes from the natural flexibility of hydropower stations, as operators can vary water flow through the turbines to control generation and support the network. Common short-term flexibility and system support services, known as ancillary services, include frequency control (primary, secondary, dynamic), fast start and stops, reserve capacity, inertia, reactive power and voltage control, among others.

An Ancillary Services Matrix has been developed to evaluate the technology demonstrations implemented in the project. The Matrix maps the technologies against the relevant ancillary services and the corresponding markets.

The first stage of the Ancillary Services Matrix has been produced.

The second stage of the Ancillary Services Matrix has been produced.

XFLEX HYDRO technology models’ documentation


  • Identification of flexibility services and standardisation
  • Definition of Business Use Cases for the provision of flexibility services by different hydro technologies
  • Technology assessment of hydropower technologies on the flexibility provision
  • Development of hydropower dynamic models for the assessment of the provision of flexibility services
  • Large-scale hydropower flexibility assessment