Hydro plant upgrades show benefits for the power grid. And for the environment.

The first results of the XFLEX HYDRO project have been unveiled in Switzerland this week. They promise benefits for power plant owners, for the environment...

Smart upgrade at hydropower plant provides unexpected boost to energy security

OZ-EN-OISANS, 17 October 2022 – With energy experts scrambling to find a solution to the looming gas supply crisis in Europe, a relatively simple upgrade to a..

Alqueva demonstration project video 2021

Alqueva is a pumped storage scheme in southern Portugal that was built in two phases…

Vogelgrun demonstration project video 2021

Vogelgrun is a 142 MW run-of-river hydropower plant in France, situated near the border with Germany…

Grand'Maison demonstration project video 2021

Sitting in the French Alps, Grand'Maison is Europe’s largest pumped storage plant at 1,800 MW…

Vogelgrun demonstration project video

The Vogelgrun demonstration involves adding a small-scale electro-chemical battery to work in hybrid with one of the plant’s turbines.

View the latest videos about the demonstrations

The XFLEX HYDRO project has launched new videos about five of the six demonstration projects…

Roadmap and guidance

Using laboratory research and real-life demonstrations, the project will inform professionals and decision-makers, who will be convened at regular intervals.

Communication and dissemination

Sharing knowledge during the four year project will raise awareness of XFLEX HYDRO and disseminate project outcomes to stakeholders.

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