We fed our hydropower turbine data to an AI machine. What happened next was astonishing.

Jean-Louis Drommi shares a groundbreaking journey into the fusion of hydropower and artificial intelligence. His first-hand account provides a unique insight...

Alpiq to showcase extended hydropower capabilities during Z'Mutt visit

Swiss energy company Alpiq is hosting a private visit to the Z’Mutt hydropower plant for partners of the European innovation project XFLEX HYDRO.The purpose...

Run-of-river hydropower plant tests hydro-battery-hybrid

The Vogelgrun hydropower plant on the Rhine River is testing how a battery energy storage system (BESS) can increase the flexibility of the plant and reduce...

Smart Power Plant Supervisor

The next step is developing an innovative methodology to integrate and fully utilise the demonstrated hydro technologies at new and existing hydropower assets

Alto Lindoso & Caniçada, Portugal

Alto Lindoso and Caniçada are two reservoir storage hydropower plants, each equipped with Francis turbine units with a total installed capacity of 630 MW and...

Alqueva, Portugal

Alqueva is a pumped storage hydropower plant equipped with four fixed-speed reversible pump-turbine units with a total installed capacity of 520 MW.

Frades 2, Portugal

Frades 2 is a pumped storage hydropower plant, equipped with two variable speed units composed of two 390 MW reversible pump-turbines coupled with doubly-fed…


Grand'Maison is a pumped storage hydropower plant featuring twelve 150 MW units, consisting of four Pelton turbines and eight reversible pump-turbines.

Vogelgrun, France

Vogelgrun is a run-of-river hydropower plant equipped with four 39 MW Kaplan units. For the XFLEX HYDRO demonstration, one of the units is hybridised with a...

Z'mutt, Switzerland

Z’Mutt is the largest pumped storage hydropower plant of the Grand Dixence hydroelectric complex, featuring five units with a total pumping power of 88 MW.

XFLEX Hydro technology models’ documentation

To evaluate the performance of different hydroelectric technologies and solutions under development…

Testing an innovative hydropower operating regime at Frades 2

The Frades 2 hydropower plant in the north of Portugal is testing how Hydraulic Short Circuit (HSC) technology can enhance the power regulation services and...


The project will demonstrate a set of innovative hydroelectric technologies at selected sites across Europe…

Major step forward as Vogelgrun battery system arrives

A battery energy storage system (BESS) container to be used in the XFLEX HYDRO initiative arrived at EDF’s Volgelgrun hydropower plant on 1 April 2021.

Latest news on the demonstrations

To date, all demonstrations in XFLEX HYDRO have been focused on performing initial studies

New XFLEX HYDRO report on flexibility, technologies and scenarios for hydropower

XFLEX HYDRO presented a new XFLEX HYDRO report titled ‘Flexibility, technologies and scenarios for hydropower’

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